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Christmas Reading

Check out this site for some fun reading.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and a Cover-Call! #UCM #shareyourcovers #MFRWAuthor

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Contemporary Romance Giveaway


Something fun and exciting is coming your way!
I’ve teamed up with 25 bestselling Contemporary Romance authors to give away a huge collection of novels plus a total of $100 Amazon Gift Cards to three lucky winners!
You can win my novel FORGET-ME-NOT plus books from authors like Roxanne Snopek and Lisa Mondello.
Enter the giveaway by clicking here:
Contest ends November 25, 2017
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Check this out for devotional reading.

Here is the link:

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Why DO We Bond with Animals?

I’m convinced that one of God’s special gifts to us is animals. Many of us have had a dog, cat, horse or one of many other pets that loved us and saw us through hard times. If you have a dog that cheers you up when you come home you know what I mean. We once had a red heeler that was constantly beside me. It hurt my feelings on the rare occasions she wasn’t beside me. Usually, it was because she had business to attend to in the yard.

Stroking a purring cat who’s nestled on your shoulder is soothing (when she’s not stepping on the keys of the computer.) The sound of contentment she makes rubs off on me.

Most of us have heard of horse therapy. A long ride can be nearly as relaxing as a day lolling at the beach. Horses have beautiful soulful eyes that reach into my heart. The exercise is beneficial and it’s mentally challenging to teach them what you want them to do.

I can’t imagine a world without the animal friends that enrich our lives. Can you? What is you favorite pet species?

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No Rent for My Tiny Guests


This summer gave us the repeat gift of tiny guests on our front porch. A mother hummingbird returned to the nest that we left last year. She reclaimed the top rail of the metal trellis that goes from the brick planter to the roof of the porch.

Last year, she buzzed us any time we stepped onto the porch and even when we were in the front yard. She’s tiny, but armed with maternal instinct. This year, we haven’t been buzzed once, even when we sneaked peaks of the babies. The small fuzzy creatures grow fast. In no time, they were big enough to see without climbing onto the planter. Two little beaks protruded above the nest from twin bookmark heads. They didn’t move when we watched them. Then mid-July one baby disappeared from the nest. When my husband checked on the remaining chick, he was privileged to the maiden flight from the nest to the tree. There, the tiny bird found his twin and they began a raucous game of chase.

I hope they hang around. I’d love to see them drinking from my flowers. Hopefully, next year, the nest will be full again of tiny, round baby birds.


Hummingbirds can flash their bright colors, as well as hide them when needed.

Hummingbirds are very smart and they can remember every flower they have been to, and how long it will take a flower to refill.

Hummingbirds can hear better than humans

Hummingbirds can see farther than humans.

Hummingbirds have little to no sense of smell.

A hummingbird will take about 250 breaths per minute while at rest.

A hummingbird’s metabolism is roughly 100 times that of an elephant.

Hummingbirds have very weak feet and can barely walk. They prefer to fly.

Hummingbirds spend most of their life perching.

The hummingbird’s body temperature is around 107 degrees Fahrenheit.

Females lay a clutch of two eggs.

Baby hummingbirds will remain in a nest for three weeks.

Hummingbirds are the only birds that can fly both forward and backwards.

Hummingbirds can also hover in mid-air, fly sideways and even upside-down.

A hummingbird’s wings will rotate in a full circle.

For more facts go to


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The Prodigal Heart: an inspirational romance

I have been working on a new offer. The Prodigal Heart, a sweet inspirational romance that battles an abusive grandmother is on sale at Amazon for .99. An offer for a free book is inside. I hope you can check it out…/…/B002KAP7O2

In this inspirational novel, Rachel thinks she has her life under control. She has succeeded in starting a business and she tells herself all her dreams have come true. But there is one dream that lies buried in her past, so painful that she tries never to think of it. She tries to erase all memory of her heart-stopping first love…until Jonathon walks back into her life.
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Author Interview: Karen Cogan

This was so much fun to do this interview with Jessica.

Coffee with Architects of Worlds Afar

Karen Cogan joins us today! Karen has penned more books than can–or, rather, than should–be made to fit into a single sentence, so allow me to present you with a list of her titles instead. *Clears throat*

Books by Karen Cogan:

  • “The Secret of Castlegate Manor”
  • “A Flame in the Wind”
  • “Fragile Dreams”
  • “A Relative Matter”
  • “The Prodigal Heart”
  • “The Mysterious Marquis”
  • “Heart of the Mountains”
  • “Her Own Sweet Time”
  • “Prisoner of the Pearls”
  • “An Artful Deception”
  • “Lover Never Lies”
  • “Forget-Me-Not”
  • “Stolen Dreams”
  • “Runaway Hearts”
  • “The Secret of Holly Green Manor”

You can find Karen on Twitter, Facebook, and Amazon. Also, be sure to check out her website and blog.

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