Posted by: Karen Cogan | 25/02/2015

Five Reason Why I Love Dogs

Alaska and KarenI’ve owned dogs all of my adult life. It has always been a huge loss when one of them grows old and dies. I’ve thought about the reasons I miss them so much and have come to the following conclusions.

1. A dog provides enthusiastic companionship no matter what I’m doing. They don’t care whether I’m pulling weeds or watching a movie. My friend is right beside me, simply happy to have my company.

2. Dogs are trusting. When my dog gets a thorn in a paw, he’ll look to me to take it out, knowing and trusting that I will take care of him.

3. Dogs are forgiving. The comb sometimes pulls his hair when I sit the American Eskimo down to comb through his downy fur. He hates it and escapes as soon as he has a chance. However, as soon as the comb is gone, he’s right back beside me.

4. My dogs would protect those they love, even when it would endanger their lives. Granted, they sometimes mistake the vacuum cleaner as a danger. Yet I know if I was truly in trouble, they would have my back.

5. Last, and quite simply, my dog makes me feel loved. No matter how bad of a day I’ve had or how cranky I feel, I get followed around the house and kissed as often as I’ll allow. There seems no end to their affection for those they love. They’re always willing to lavish it if I give them the opportunity. Their admirable qualities, which often put me to shame, are  why I miss them when they are gone.

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