Posted by: Karen Cogan | 06/06/2017

Why DO We Bond with Animals?

I’m convinced that one of God’s special gifts to us is animals. Many of us have had a dog, cat, horse or one of many other pets that loved us and saw us through hard times. If you have a dog that cheers you up when you come home you know what I mean. We once had a red heeler that was constantly beside me. It hurt my feelings on the rare occasions she wasn’t beside me. Usually, it was because she had business to attend to in the yard.

Stroking a purring cat who’s nestled on your shoulder is soothing (when she’s not stepping on the keys of the computer.) The sound of contentment she makes rubs off on me.

Most of us have heard of horse therapy. A long ride can be nearly as relaxing as a day lolling at the beach. Horses have beautiful soulful eyes that reach into my heart. The exercise is beneficial and it’s mentally challenging to teach them what you want them to do.

I can’t imagine a world without the animal friends that enrich our lives. Can you? What is you favorite pet species?


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