Happy New Year

This year, I plan to focus on breaking activities down into smaller tasks. I got this idea from housekeeping hints in which you take one section of the house and clean it instead of tackling everything all at once. For example, you might clean just the hallway walls instead of all the walls in the house. The next day, there is another small task. Eventually, those odd, hard to get to jobs are completed, a little at a time.

I keep this in mind when writing a novel. Having 65,000 words stretch before me can seem daunting. How will I keep my story moving at a pace that will keep my readers interested through so many pages? Breaking the project into daily goals of writing 500-1,000 words is less stressful, and eventually the book is written.

When I have a day when vacuuming the whole house is not feasible, perhaps I’ll do one or two rooms. If I do this for a week, the entire job is done with less stress. With busy lives, chipping away at tasks may prove less frustrating and more productive than giving up and doing nothing at all.


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